The Atlassian Team Tour France took place on 16 September.
Due to current circumstances, the event was held exclusively online.
As always, Atlassian surprised us by organising an original version of its Team Tour this year.

What is the Team Tour?

It is a series of short conferences (half-day), spread over several weeks and held in several cities across the globe. The Team Tour is great because it features Atlassian representatives, local consultants and content on the latest news and developments.

Atlassian Team Tour France

This time, the Atlassian Team Tour France was opened by Reynald Fléchaud, Senior Research Analyst at IDC. Reynald presented statistics on the evolution of trends in digital transformation within companies, and particularly the growing popularity of cloud solutions.

The following guest, Cameron Deatsch, Chief Revenue Officer at Atlassian, reminded us of Atlassian’s aim to develop tools for teams (project, development, industry, marketing or other). Cameron also added that Atlassian solutions complement the other essential factor in a well-functioning team: practices (or processes).

The final speaker was Eric Patrizio, Head of Agile Developments at Octime. Interviewed about Octime’s digital transformation project, Eric described the choice of Atlassian solutions for their ease of integration.

For him, the secrets to success are:

  • Short implementation
  • Availability of teams
  • A facilitator

With a Jira Service Desk project implemented within a month, this success became the new flagship that sparked enthusiasm in-house for rolling out new projects.

For more information on this amazing project, you can read Eric Patrizio’s account on the Atlassian website.

Fun fact

Did you know that Atlassian played a major role in the collaboration between NASA and SpaceX*, two cutting-edge engineering companies from very different sectors (public/private)? 

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*Masige, S., 2020. ‘All Atlassians Can Feel Very Proud’: Mike Cannon-Brookes On The Company’s Role In Spacex’s Historic Rocket Launch. [online] Business Insider Australia. Available at: <> [Accessed 21 September 2020].